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October 3rd, 2004

10:50 pm
last night i was up until 6am listening to the boys downstairs have a drunken sing-along to hits of the 90s such as "glycerine" and "all apologies."

thus, i was not in a good mood this morning.

but then i went to work and became thomas jefferson so now its all good!

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August 3rd, 2004

10:48 am
sorry ive been totally neglecting you, livejournal. i dont have much to say... summers almost over. thank god.
im a little excited for this coming semester... just need to move on from this horrible summer.
i think that although i spent a good chunk of this summer being miserable i learned a lot about life, myself, and my friends.
thanks to all who have been there for me... you might not realize it but you've really helped me get through some tough times.

janes coming over today.
thursdays reserved for kate.
friday is alisons.
saturday i leave for the cruise... should be hilarious. i'll be back the following sunday, tanned and 15 pounds heavier.

then its skc time.
our final nj terrorizing spree for the summer.
definitely looking forward to that.

then i might be leaving anthro.
to clean out 70 litter boxes a day for $8.25/hr.
better than seeing naked old women all day.

things that have made me happy the past few days:
-my 75 cent chair slipcover
-new red jellies
-my mom sending me crumb cake
-jessica recruiting me to the animal shelter
-da ali g show
-apartment 428 soul train
-movie night with chrissy
-a $21 facial
-transforming the back room at work into a clubhouse
-drawing on catalogs with cindy
-befriending wall members at the bookstore
-being nostalgic with medi
-listening to jeff buckley all day long

this will definitely be my last crappy entry.

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June 2nd, 2004

11:29 am - i just need to get this all out

soo... last night felt like a high school reunion. jane came over (yay!) and then mediha stopped by. okay so it was only two people and i do see mediha all the time, but still, it was exciting and heart-warming. theyre probably the only fths graduates i'd want to see at a reunion anyway. oh speaking of high school i saw val the other day.. i was trying not to feel awkward but alas, did... its so hard seeing someone who was your absolute best friend for a few years, someone who you shared everything with in high school and who was pretty much a part of your family, and to realize that they've become a stranger. its so sad and i dont think i'll ever really feel comfortable around her again. i feel so ridiculous when i think of all those times in high school i proclaimed that we'd be "friends forever." i was so young and stupid. you live, you learn.

well that was a tangent.

so anyway, i loved seeing jane and catching up... even though i havent seen her in a few months it was like we'd been hanging out every day. just like old times we walked around the ol neighborhood and chatted... i felt bad because she hadnt heard about abby and i didnt get a chance to tell her until two days ago because she changed her phone number and i never got the email. anyway, she was really upset- shes known abs since kindergarten. i felt really sad of course talking to jane about it but at the same time i think it made me feel a lot better because i finally had someone to talk to whos also known abby for most of her life.. so we were able to reflect on the past 15 years of knowing her and her family and it was just... bittersweet i guess... i dont know.  so we're probably going to visit her on sunday.

i feel old.
a senior in college?
thats so crazy.

so many things are happening right now that i just dont feel i can handle. i need to get this off my chest.

  • grad schools- i have no idea what im doing and its so frightening
  • gre's- holy shit im going to fail this
  • graduating college- what!
  • moving into my first apartment- bills!!?
  • a best friend in the hospital- i literally do not ever stop thinking about this.. all day i think about how shes doing, every single night i dream about what it was like before the accident
  • work drama- i hate princeton more than any other town in the whole fucking world... even more than marlboro
  • getting older- i take at least 4 pills every morning! more than my own mother! whyyy
  • my little shopping problem- i finally put myself on lockdown and for once have more than $400 in my bank account! im so proud of myself
  • my poor little pizzle the one-eyed bandit- my mom thinks pugsleys going blind... he is getting older and its so sad. my mom didnt want to bring him to the vet again because it costs so much and my father gets mad that he has to spend money on "the cat." he doesnt think of pizzle as a human like my mom and i do. so i threw a fit the other day that my mom cant just let him go blind and i said i'd pay for it and so now hes going into the vet friday.

i feel much better now. thanks.

Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic

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May 29th, 2004

04:21 pm - a little rambling for my lovelies
my mom just told me about all the parents of children in her class who are swingers. like for real.

anyway, im home and having a glorious time. i love freehold, its true. but im moving in to the apt next week... we'll see how that goes.

i worked this morning 8-2. best shift ever. i actually feel like i havent wasted a whole day! amazing.

sarahs home now and i dont want her to go back. our skc summers are always the greatest. and so far we've seen so many all-stars... YUM.

i drank too much coffee today.
and i think i spilled some on myself.

i also poked myself in the eye and hit my head getting into my car.

today a crazy customer made me stand in a cramped fitting room with her and help her decide on outfits... while she wasnt wearing any pants.

chris teased me because middle aged women always seem to like to get naked around me.

everyones been asking me what my plans are for memorial day... am i supposed to have some? i dont think ive ever done anything in the past. hell, i dont usually even celebrate my birthday.

my birthday this year however is going to K I C K A S S !
but i do still want a gymnastics party to jump on a trampoline and swing on a rope into a foam pit. now THATS a good time.

sams club has muppets take manhattan AND the great muppet caper for under 10 bucks. i need to become a member. so then i can buy lots of things in bulk. wait this is a horrible idea.

okay im done now.

sorry to anyone reading... this was a horrible entry... honestly, i really just wanted to pick out another lemonface.
Current Mood: surprisedsurprised

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May 13th, 2004

10:37 am - how come the "predatory" lemonface looks like pugs?
home. not much going on. working, running around with mizzle.
mediha and i are signing the lease for our apt next week and we move in june 1! so excited.

freehold is pretty boring without my all-stars.

forced to stalk with my mom.
forced to watch the royal tenenbaums with pizzle.

the other day my mom was trying to put pugsleys eye drops in, since hes still a one-eyed bandit, and the drops kept rolling across his nose into the healthy eye... because his face is so flat. i found that amusing.

later im going back to my store because theyre giving us a bonus employee discount day. and i just got paid... yeah.

then i have to take savannah in to the car dealership because her engine light went on yesterday. i dont know what this means but something tells me it cant be good. my poor little civ.

and sarah please sign up for this... i feel like it is an amazing opportunity to meet real winners from your neighborhood:
Current Mood: predatorypredatory
Current Music: my brothers playlist... aka yellowcard

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May 3rd, 2004

05:49 pm

i'm eating a veggie wrap.

it is not nearly as delicious as the one from the broadway diner.



Current Mood: discontentdiscontent
Current Music: weezer old skool style bringin it back to the 6th grade WHAT

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April 30th, 2004

01:38 pm - you're not online, so...




ps i want to buy you this t-shirt i just found doing a google image search for "floorpunch":

hahha oh man this never gets old.


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April 29th, 2004

07:37 pm

i need a study break. i have so much work to do but i just can't handle it anymore.

i dont know what im going to do for my special ed exam. part of it is on traumatic brain injury and i couldnt make it through the whole chapter because i kept crying. there is a lot of information that i dont think anyone else knows about. everyone thinks abby is going to come out of her coma totally untouched and its just not true. the part of the chapter that i did manage to get through was about how they're not the same person after this. their personalities can dramatically change and they can be depressed, irritable, insensitive, and tempermental. besides all of the speech/language, motor, and cognitive issues. god it is so fucking hard to read about one of your best friends in a special ed textbook. this whole time ive been preparing to work with people like this, i never thought it would really touch my life in this way.

wow that was a tangent.. anyway... im about halfway done with finals stuff. all i have left is two finals (one is on SPSS aaah!) and my 25 page term paper which i havent even started yet! yay! i can't wait until next thursday.


i think somethings wrong with my computer. i might have a virus. oh well.


i miss my mom. and my cat. i just saw them both yesterday but thats too long. i hate ewing, new jersey. freehold=heaven.


i normally hate this stupid shit, but i like this one, courtesy of danielle:

Women are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. Most men don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of  falling and getting hurt. Instead, they just get the rotten apples from the ground that aren't as good, but easy.......  So the apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality, they're amazing!!! They just have to wait for the right man to come along, the one who's brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree.


i'm sick of living with all the rotten apples.

Current Mood: stressedstressed
Current Music: ben kweller

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April 25th, 2004

10:34 pm
jdate=best ever

lonely nj jews LOVE urban liz!

who knew?

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April 21st, 2004

10:27 am



who wants to go see this with me?

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